About HyperVocal:

HyperVocal is an algorithm-based news site and customizable newsletter (get what you want, when you want) that tracks trending headlines from reputable influencers, automatically compiling only the most buzzed about topics on the internet. Influencers are top experts in their fields – hand-picked “must follows”- guaranteed to be writing, breaking, reading and sharing the day’s most bound-to-be-viral stories. HyperVocal’s proprietary news curation technology results in top news that is “Vital & Viral,” breaking through the clutter to create concise, easily consumable recaps - while also directing readers to the original publisher for the full content, if desired. 

Via its website, “daily digest” email newsletter and social media profiles, HyperVocal showcases the day’s top 10 news stories (for each different generalized category, currently including Politics, Tech, Sports, Lifestyle, Weird, along with trending Gifs). For example, want to know what the top political influencers are reading and sharing, from across the web, in real-time? HyperVocal’s Politics Feed showcases those headlines, as well as who specifically is influencing that virality.

While competitors are pumping out mass amounts of semi-interesting content, HyperVocal provides only the news you need to know. No more sifting through articles you don’t care about (or might be written by Macedonian trolls). This is shorter content with a bigger punch: fast, smart, real news for the NOW generation.

The Future is Customized:

HyperVocal is always under development, becoming smarter and more robust as influencer feeds are updated and new categories curated. The unique algorithm allows for niche customization, opening the door for companies/industries, or simply extremely topic-specific news hounds, to partner with HyperVocal and create feeds of their very own. What are top lawyers reading and sharing? What topics are PR executives in North America buzzing about? What news piques the interest of NBA players? HyperVocal can provide a lens on any topic in real-time. For more information, contact INFO@hypervocal.com

Meet the Team:

Originally launched in 2010 as a viral news blog and media company, HyperVocal has been re-invigorated as an algorithm-based news service by Steven Amato (President and Chief Creative Officer at content agency, Contend) and Lee Brenner (HyperVocal co-founder and #civictech guy).