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Teen Tennis Star on Center Court Asked About Celeb Crush (Ugh, It’s Bieber)

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on January 21, 2014

Eugenie Bouchard is a mega-talented 19-year-old tennis player from Canada who just got one step closer to the finals at The Australian Open. But in the midst of her obligatory center court interview after her big win at the tournament’s quarterfinals on Monday, she was asked by the interviewer, “If you could date anyone in the world, of sports, of movies — I’m sorry, they asked me to say this — who would you date?”

One big step for Canadian women, one small step backwards for womankind.

Though Bouchard — known to fans as Genie — looked somewhat embarrassed, she took it in stride. And her response reminded us that she is just a teen after all. She replied “Justin Bieber.”

A few required follow-up questions here:

Q: Who is the “they” the interviewer refers to here, the “they” that made her ask this incredibly silly question?

A: Probably some dim male producer. “So, uh, what do teenage girls like to talk about? Crushes. That’s it. Ask her about that. Solid gold.”

Q: Why does her celebrity crush have anything to do with tennis?

A: It doesn’t!

Q: Would a similarly attractive male teenage tennis star be asked the same question?

A: It’s a definite possibility. Objectifying young stars is a time-honored tradition. But I can’t find a clip of Rafael Nadal getting that question.

Q: Are Canadians contractually obligated to name Justin Bieber as their celebrity crush in any sort of public forum?

A: Yes. (Maybe.)

So while this wasn’t the worst thing to happen to a young woman, it certainly wasn’t the best. Maybe the two 19-year-old Canucks will find love.

Personally, we think she’s out of his league.

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