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High School Basketball Player Hits Almost Full Court Buzzer Beater

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on March 13, 2014

Who says high schoolers aren’t good at anything? Sure, they’re angsty and pimply and won’t look up from their phones for two seconds to look you in the eye, but there’s one high schooler out there who is really good at basketball.

Logan Sheppard of Central Clinton of DeWitt was playing in the Iowa State Boys Basketball Tournament on Monday, and just before halftime he lobbed the ball up from 80 feet away from his team’s basket. And guess what happened? See for yourself:

Damn, boy! Here’s another angle:

It’s like if Friday Night Lights was about basketball instead of football, and also about real life athletes and not pretty actors. But still! The final score was 69-67, with Central Clinton beating MOC-Floyd Valley. Sheppard’s gonna get madd digits at this weekend’s kegger.

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