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Crazy Guy Serenades New Neighbors

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on May 21, 2014

Everyone has had a crazy neighbor at some point. For me, it was the lady down the street who would ride her bike around the neighborhood in a black thong leotard, fishnets and combat boots with her doberman pincher attached.

Some people don’t give a crap about being a good neighbor, while others think they’re being a good neighbor, but actually they’re the worst. Like this guy, for example, who decided to hook up a microphone in his driveway and serenade the neighborhood as a way of introducing himself.

He explains that he has dreamed of doing this for 20 YEARS, but his wife forbid it. When the cat’s away, the crazy mouse will play. And play he did.

I imagine his name is Dennis and he works in insurance. He’s definitely placed a whoopee cushion on a co-workers chair, and was the president of the lamest frat on campus. His glory days are behind him, and this is all he has left. Praying for you, Dennis.

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[via Reddit]
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