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Artist Creates Giant Slip ‘N Slide In the Center of Town’s Main Street

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on May 5, 2014

One of the greatest thrills of childhood summers was diving head first onto a Slip ‘n Slide, risking a concussion and stomach burn for the joy of making it all the way to the bottom. British artist Luke Jerram created the most epic version of this summertime delight by closing off a main road in Bristol, England.

Park Street in Bristol was the site of the “Park-and-Slide,” as they call it across the pond, and it was comprised of plastic sheets, 300-400 bales of hay, water and soap. About 360 people got to slide down after being drawn from a pool of nearly 100,000 applicants.

Jerram explained his inspiration:

“I wanted to close a road. If you look at photographs in the 1900s you see these beautiful empty streets with all the kids playing out. It’s an extraordinary thing and all that has been taken away. I’m happy to take over a street, and this slide is an architectural intervention really.”

The slide was part of a weekly series called Make Sunday Special, where the city closes off roads in the summer months to make way for cultural events.

Seriously cool.

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[via BBC]
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