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Guy Patiently Explains to Whiny YouTube Star Why He Had His Car Towed

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on October 23, 2013

Joey Graceffa is a famous YouTuber. Maybe you’ve heard of him, though it doesn’t matter if you have — enough people follow the mundane details of Graceffa’s charmed life that he apparently made $200,000 last year.

But all that money and internetfame, Joey here can’t park his car for shit. And when he left his ride directly in front of someone’s driveway, that man had it towed. The youtubecelebrity complained about it to his minions, spouting falsehoods in his public defense, so Nate Clark, the Dennis Reynolds look/sound-alike from KCRW and several Los Angeles sketch comedy groups, made his own video explaining why this kid’s a schmuck on wheels.

Well, that’s just about perfect. “I could talk about nothing for five more minutes but who would want to watch that?” is basically the subtlest “f*&k you” you’re going to see in a rebuttal as swift as this.

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For context, here’s Joey’s original whiny video:

Internet justice: served, yo.

[via Reddit]
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