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Did Wheel of Fortune Cheat This Dude Out of $1 Million Over Pronunciation?

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on September 18, 2013

UPDATE: Paul got some redemption of Jimmy Fallon on Thursday.

A “Thing.” Two of the three words spelled out in full. The other’s pretty obvious. You spin the wheel. You’re wearing a bow tie on national television. The wheel lands on the ONE MILLION DOLLARS panel. You guess.

You think it’s right. But it’s … wrong? Uh oh.

Sajak and the Wheel of Fortune judges handled this right. Bow Tie Paul definitely mispronounced it — this is 100 percent the correct call here. It’s like that kid on Jeopardy! last month; rules are rules.

Pat Sajak Knows What This Girl is Talking About
H_w’d S_e D_ T_at? Solving the WoF Puzzle with One Letter

Besides, as this YouTube commenter points out, Bow Tie Paul wouldn’t have won the million right then and there:

I don’t think you know how the million dollars thing works.
If he correctly solved the puzzle, he would have to beat the other 2 contestants, thus entering the bonus round; have the 100k card replaced with the 1M card, solve the bonus round puzzle and hopefully land on the 1M card when he spun the bonus round wheel.
Even if he won, he’d probably wouldn’t even have been close to getting a million dollars.
Also, a million dollars is nothing to Wheel of Fortune.

Had us until the end. It’s not “nothing.” May 2013 marked only the second time ever someone won $1 million on Wheel of Fortune.

So, yeah, a lot of stages to go before this guy would have been “cheated” out of $1 million. But that’s a tough beat. In Vegas, no less.

[via Barstool Sports]
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