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Two Dogs Skyping: Real Chat, or Just Another Case of Catfish?



By HVvids
January 16, 2013 at 11:43 am

Has CatRoulette gone to the dogs? If you ever wanted to know the dog equivalent of “A/S/L,” watch this video of two dogs chatting on Skype.

The days of meeting IRL at the dog park are so ovah.

But, wait, is this a case of Kibbles ‘n Switch?

“This is Gaytor, our wire haired fox terrier,” YouTuber aliwasel writes. “When he isn’t constantly growling, or being a butt head, he enjoys skyping other dogs.” But then she added, “(The video we showed him was already on youtube!)” There’s no Skype window in the corner — so is this just a dog looking at another dog on the Internet? HAVE WE BEEN SOLD A FALSE BILL OF GOODS HERE? If so, it’s time to get barking mad.

Props to the dude in the back, who wants no part of any of this.

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[Tastefully Offensive via Gawker]



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