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Cheeky British Lad Gets Friends Face Tattooed On His Entire Ass Cheek

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By Greg Seals on April 4, 2013

Face down, ass up, that’s the way I like to … commemorate friendships?

Looks like some saucy British lad took a “Sit on my face!” joke far too literally. This isn’t just a simple tramp stamp or cheeky ass-cheek tattoo, this is a full-blown face mural that extends past the ass cheek itself, down to the quad.

Ass Face Tattoo

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Since the video has been removed by YouTube for being too asstacular, we’ve screenshoted some of the best moments.

The man whose ass will forever have his friend’s face on it.
Ass Tatto 2

The unveiling.
Ass Tattoo 4

The documentation.
Ass Tattoo 3

And the most beautiful bro embrace you can imagine.
Ass Tattoo Hug

The title of the video, “Bros before hoes,” really says it all. It’s going to be mighty difficult to explain the magnitude of a bromance that would inspire such an asstacular portrait to be commissioned to any lady he attempts to bed. The worst part of the gesture? It doesn’t look anything like his friend.

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