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Spike Albrecht Goes Hard For Kate Upton With Gritty, Gutsy Tweet

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on April 9, 2013

Future New England Patriots wide receiver Spike Albrecht turned in one of the more memorable first-half bench performances in NCAA Tournament history on Monday night. Despite Michigan’s finals loss, Albrecht took a page from Darnell Dockett’s Katherine Webb Silver Linings Playbook and made an equally gritty, gutsy play for Kate Upton’s attention.

spike upton tweet

Can’t knock tha hustle! But in fewer than 12 hours, Spike Albrecht went from the Talk of the Town to That Kid Who Asked Kate Upton to Prom.

Upton doesn’t seem so out of character for Albrecht, who posted this to his Instagram account seven weeks ago. Sarah Jean Underwood!

spike daddy sarah jean underwood

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This Upton play might be harder than going strong against the bigs …

NCAA Final Four Michigan Louisville Basketball
AP Photo/NCAA Photos, Chris Steppig

But to Spike we say, “Good Job, Good Effort!”

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