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When the Smoke Gets In Your Vines



By HVculture
October 9, 2013 at 12:33 pm

Where there’s smoke, there’s Viners.

Vine, the premiere mobile destination for trick shots, terrible parenting and Hank Schrader’s drunk dancing, is also an underrated outlet for all your best #teen smoke tricks. Blowing an O or two? That’s child’s play.

If you don’t have Vine, or you’re too lazy to fire up your wickedsmartphone and type in #teamcoolsmoketricks, we’ve rounded up our 15 favorites:

Ram Malichy, we judge, is the undisputed king:

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THIS Is Why Vine Was Invented

Here’s a cool Mickey Mouse:

Isack_Perez does the re-inhale through the nose trick:

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Involve your girlfriend for bonus points:

And your bros:

Dude’s Family Dog Takes Grind On Me Vine Meme Too Literally
‘Kids Say the Darndest R-Rated Things’ on Vine

What in the fresh hell, how?

Smokeahontazz is by far the coolest handle:

Then there’s this Ant Souza trick:

The Smoke Royalty crew has a ton of Vines — here’s our favorite:

Shaq Robo, to the beat:

Nick Dang while driving:

Just Vapeing, who seems like a lonely bro:

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