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Awesome Smartass Kid Wins Jeopardy! Teen Tournament

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By Jeff Wilber on February 13, 2013

Step 1: Forget what a collarbone is.

Step 2: Bet all of your money.

Step 3: Win everything with the phrase “some guy.”

On the final night of the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament, third-place Leonard Cooper stuck it to his suited competition. Complete with fumbling through answers, wagering all of his $18,000 on a Daily Double and some quick wit at the end, this is finest moment in Jeopardy! tourney history.

Some guy in Normandy! That won Leonard $75,000. It doesn’t matter how long Ken Jennings was on the show, he should be given Jennings’ place in Jeopardy! history for keeping the show real and stealing it from the nerds.

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