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Watch This Ski Patrol Jerk Get His Ass Handed to Him, Literally

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By HVvids on February 21, 2013

The slopes are a dangerous place to be these days. It’s not because of the Black Diamond trails, but rather the irresponsible skiers on them.

There’s the negligent father who made his kid run down a hill too steep for someone so young and just kept inexplicably yelling “PIZZA! PIZZA!”

Now there’s this jerk of a ski patrolman. First he cuts off some guy, then he proceeds to chastise the overly apologetic skiier for the accident he himself caused. The real kicker comes around the 1:35 mark — after being an insufferable dickwad, this patrolman issues mere begrudging gratitude for the man’s service after finding out he sideswiped military personnel.

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