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Russians Save 600-Pound Submerged Moose From an Icy Death

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How much does an adult moose weigh? Enough to break the ice!

Victor Zavalypich, a 51-year old helicopter pilot, spotted a dark patch in the ice as he flew above a Russian lake. Upon further inspection, Zavalypich noticed it was a female moose that had fallen through the ice. She appeared to have been in the freezing water for a few hours. Zavalypich quickly flew back to retrieve additional help, as well as ropes and ties.

An hour and half later, the 600-pound beast was freed from the icy waters and revived, thanks to a little heat and stretching from the men.

They even went so far as to name her Manka, tying a blue ribbon to identify her: “Who knows, perhaps one day we’ll meet again.”

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