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In Soviet Russia, Mother Risks Children’s Lives Crossing Road

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By HVvids on January 18, 2013

If the CIA World Factbook doesn’t have dash cam footage listed as Russia’s chief export (next to mutant Chernobyl catfish), they’re bad at their jobs.

That’s because nothing makes a stronger argument for the fact that Russia is conclusively the most WTF?! nation in the world, thanks to their rich history of dash footage. Just take this case of classic bad parenting for example:

As a mother, why would you risk not just your life, but most importantly that of your children, by pulling them behind you on a sleigh across an unlit section of a heavily trafficked road in the middle of the night? Thanks to the driver’s responsiveness, they were able to swerve in time to avoid hitting the children riding atop the sleigh. The only reason we’re comfortable posting the gif below is because sources claim that no one was harmed in the incident.

Russia Desktop
via Reddit

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