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Dude Secretly Photoshops People Into Real-Time Ads While Waiting at Bus Stop

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Brett Rosner

By Brett Rosner on June 7, 2013

One Photoshop magician, one photographer, one bus stop and lots of hidden cameras: That’s, apparently, all you need to make people smile.

Adobe has come up one of the most pleasant pranks of the year. They set up a van with a photographer and a Photoshop whiz near a bus stop in Finland, waiting for unsuspecting targets of this cool, real-time trick. At the bus stop, full-poster ads were replaced with video screens that were linked up to the computers inside the van.

The results? They literally retouched reality. Check out the amazing video:

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We think this type of thing is genius. Adobe will be doing it again and you can watch it live. Here’s the info on the next live-Photoshopping.

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