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Yeah, That’s a Penis on the News

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By HVmedia on October 3, 2013

We’ve seen phallic objects on the news before, but usually someone is unintentionally telestrating a penis, not airing a live one.

Ceskatelevize, one of Czech Republic’s main broadcasters, accidentally publicly displayed a man’s privates on a monitor behind the anchor today.


As Edward R. Murrow used to say, “Good night, and good cock.”

News Anchor Asks Weatherman About His ‘Little Weiner’ on Live TV
Cheeky Monkey: Proud Baboon Cops a Feel of Reporter’s Boob

There’s actually video of this, and it’s not totally SFW. Czech this out:

Metro UK adds some color to the story:

Broadcaster Daniel Takac appeared unaware of the phallus peeping out from behind him which had his newsroom colleagues in fits of giggles.
The news station received a flood of complaint about the untimely error which happened during a 4pm broadcast.
‘The image was actually part of a documentary, but we should have been aware of timing and not had that particular scene playing when we went on air,’ said a spokesman for the channel.
‘It was a silly mistake.’

Suuuure, a documentary. Riiiight, a documentary.

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