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Nivea Stresses Out ‘Wanted’ Travelers For Hidden Camera Prank Ad

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By Jeff Wilber on February 13, 2013

You may be a suspected terrorist on the run and not even know it. Or Nivea could just be punking you for the sake of deodorant sales.

With airport security always strict, and passengers on edge, how would you handle the stress of finding out that you are a wanted suspect?

In a matter of minutes, the Nivea team took photos, created fake newspapers and broadcast breaking bulletins just to get one unsuspecting passenger sweating. Watch as Nivea goes all out for a hidden-camera prank that pays off for one of the best commercials since Pornhub’s Super Bowl reject.

It seems odd that Nivea would introduce its Stress Protect line to Germany in an airport — it probably would have been easier if they had debuted it with hidden cams shadowing Angela Merkel during the blackface debacle.

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