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This Movie Trailer Marriage Proposal Is the Ultimate Tearjerker

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By Greg Seals on March 12, 2013

We’ve chronicled some amazing marriage proposals in the Era of Internet One-upmanship: an Olympic swimmer dropping down on the medal stand, highly choreographed lip dubs, a gamer popping his question with some help from Gearbox, a puzzler who used the Washington Post crossword, and even a Spider-Man impersonator fending off “attackers” to take his beloved’s hand.

While the ol’ movie trailer proposal isn’t original by web standards, this one has a more thrilling twist. With a proposal trailer edited together to include scenes from The Grey and The Borne Ultimatum, it’s pretty clear there’s nothing that will keep this Polish man from the love of his life.

Sometimes it goes wrong, but even when the most romantic beach proposals get wiped out by a wave, it’s still endearing Internet gold.

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