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Dudes Go Around Motorboating Girls Because Breast Cancer, YOLO

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The YouTubers from Simple Pickup, a trio of guys who have “elevated the art of seduction into a science,” went around motorboating girls in the name of breast cancer awareness and research.

For every girl who agreed to let these good guys/total creeps heave their Funyuns breath into their supple racks, the gents from Simple Pickup will kindly donate $20 to breast cancer research. Win-win?

So here’s the question: Is this a good deed, or is there a better way to donate money and spread awareness that doesn’t involve groping women in public? C’mon, though, there’s gotta be a means that justifies the ends.

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Simple Pickup also vowed to donate $100 for every hundred-thousand YouTube views the video gets. So far, in addition to the $2,080 they raised slobbering over girls’ boobs, they are up to at least another $400 for the more than 400,000 views the video has gotten in like 24 hours.

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