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“KABOOYOW!” Will Make Michelle Clark the Internet’s Next Sweet Brown

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By Greg Seals on March 21, 2013

Local news clips and the Internet hive mind have a beautiful symbiotic relationship that involves taking pedestrians with outrageous on-camera personality and elevating them to superstar status.

There was Antoine Dodson, the first of his kind, who continues to ride his expired “Hide ya kids, hide ya wife” fame. Then there was 2012’s darling Sweet Brown, who everyone had time for, including commercial agents.

Introducing your next local news celebrity, Michelle Clark, and her signature catchphrase of “KABOOYOW!,” which we can expect to see adorning Cafe Press T-shirts and remixed by the Gregory Brothers very soon.

There’s probably a lengthy article to be written by some ambitious liberal arts student about the institutionalized racism of local news buffoonery, but since Clark herself knows the score (that smirk!), let’s all just enjoy this together.

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