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Four-Time Lightning Strike Victim Gets Grounded, Literally

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By Greg Seals on March 27, 2013

It’s true what they say, lightning never strikes the same place twice — it strikes the same place four times, actually. At least that’s the case for 20-year-old Alexander Mandón of Colombia, who’s probably really tired of hearing jokes about how he’s got such crazy odds he should play the lottery.

The polarizing Mandón was struck by lightning thrice over the past six months during his time serving in the army, where he likely earned the perfect porn star nickname name “Lightning Rod” before being discharged and sent back to his home town of Cereté, where, like Southern California, it hardly ever rains. Unfortunately for Mandón, who has yet to develop superpowers from his shocks, it does sometimes pour, and he was struck yet again.

Not to bury the lede here — heyoooo! — but in an attempt to dispel the excessive charge his body contained, doctors recommended burring Mandón upright, which doesn’t sound THAT crazy when you think about it. Wall sockets are grounded, as is your car when you jump off the battery, so why wouldn’t the same principle apply to a human being?

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