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Kevin Durant’s Up-and-Under Reverse Layup Is Pure Basketball Sodomy

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By HVsports on March 2, 2013

Mike Tirico says it best here: “Oh, COME ON!”

How many people can do that? How many people can take on 6’8” Wilson Chandler and 7’0” JaVale McGee like this? Length. Finesse. Pretty.

Kevin Durant probably won’t win the MVP because LeBron James is alive and averaging nearly 29 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists every night on this 11-game winning streak in February. But Durant is leading the league in scoring and might be the first person in NBA history to finish the season with the highest scoring average while shooting above 50% from the floor, 40% from the 3-point arc and 90% from the foul line. Things are good.

The Thunder lost 105-103 to the Nuggets, but who cares after that.

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Shades of Dr. J, eh?

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