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And That’s Why You Never Mess With a Human Statue …

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By Greg Seals on March 15, 2013

As we’ve already seen once today, sometimes wet willies, no matter how innocent, have consequences, especially when done on TV surrounding such important events like the announcement of a new pope.

Moist ear penetration isn’t always welcome, as you might expect. Take, for instance, this human statue who was simply trying to do his job as a thankless street performer who paints himself up everyday and tries not to pass out from paint fumes just to make dollar tips. We’ve all seen how agressive those guys that dress up like Elmo get when you don’t tip them a dollar — do you really want to go and mess with this human statue?

Just another lesson brought to you care of J. Walter Weatherman. Oh, and who is that as the human statue? Gene, is that you?! You got me again!

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