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90-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Films Inspiring Message For Young Germans

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on September 27, 2013

Think your life sucks? Emery Jacoby was taken to a concentration camp when he was 20 years old. On a Reddit AMA set up by his grandson two months ago, he said his sisters were also taken. They both survived, but “my parents were 47 and 49 — I never saw them again after they were taken,” he said.

But his story is not a total downer. His grandson posted this note to Tumblr: “He got a lot of responses from young Germans who were apologizing for what their ancestors did. He asked me if there was a video we could do for ‘The Youtube’ and I said sure. So here it is.”

This is as uplifting and amazing a forward-not-backward message gets:

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