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‘HACK Marriage’ Works to Rewrite the Actual Dictionary Definition

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By HVnews on July 19, 2013

The definition of marriage is changing. But is the dictionary definition of marriage changing fast enough? Not for this group.

With the recent decisions by the Supreme Court, marriage equality is becoming a reality. But some basic institutions aren’t keeping up with the times. Namely, dictionaries. The Oxford Dictionary still defines marriage as: “The formal union of a man and a woman by which they become husband and wife.” We know that to be technically untrue, given the latest progression of legalized same-sex marriages.

Now, one group has decided to initiate the change of definition, guerrilla style. In what they’re calling HACK Marriage, the group’s members are going store to store, library to library, placing stickers over the definitions that read: “The formal union between two people, by which they become partners for life.” Check out their methods below:

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