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Ladies Love Johnny Football

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By HVmedia on January 7, 2013

Live local news stand-ups are the greatest thing ever.

Better than Jay-Z’s sister interrupting a live report and an unflappable Austin newswoman surviving a terrific videobomb attempt, two seemingly intoxicated college coeds crash this local Dallas reporter’s hit before this weekend’s Cotton Bowl. The ladies sure do love some Johnny Football.

Stick around for the part where the reporter calls them “high-minded,” only for the brunette to look at the camera and ask, “Where’s the weed?” Classic.

TMZ posted a pic of the 20-year-old Manziel drinking at a Dallas club after the game, but if you’re old enough to put up a Cotton Bowl record 516 total yards, you’re old enough to pop some Dom in the club. Take note, Biebs.

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