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Drunk Train: Inside the Terror of the Late Night Long Island Rail Road

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on December 17, 2013

Picture the worst place in the world. Got it? Okay. Now add shoeless girls, completely plastered bros, tube tops, Four Loko, gold chains, whiskey breath, and trains, and you’ve got yourself late-night Long Island Rail Road.

Intrepid reporter Corey Cohen takes a brave look inside the so-called “drunk train” to bring you “Off-Peak/Late-Night: Riding the Drunk Train.”

He journeyed to NYC’s fabled Pennsylvania Station to chat with some of the aforementioned characters and even hopped on one of the east-bound trains, all with an ice-blue puffy vest and a chic flow.

There’s something wonderfully Dickensian about it.

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[via BroBible]
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