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Blind Boy Braving the Curb For First Time = Best 45 Seconds of Your Day

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By Greg Seals on March 13, 2013

There’s just something about children destroying their disabilities with reckless abandon at such a young age, like this deaf two-year-old who hears for the first time. Let’s add this brave young boy to the list of fear foilers — after questioning “I can do it?,” all it takes is a reassuring echo of “You can do it” for this four-year-old to curb-stomp his uncertainty and conquer this challenge.

The boy is 4-year-old Gavin Robert Stevens, who was diagnosed with Leber’s congenital amaurosis in 2009, when he was just four months old. His mother Jennifer, heard on the video, is what every parent should sound like.

See more of his adventures at Gavin’s Groupies on YouTube.

We won’t chastise the videographer for failing to overcome the plague of Vertical Video Syndrome, given how adorable this fearless conquerer is.

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