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Dude Bungee Jumps With Cables in His Skin, Because White Men with Dreadlocks Make Bad Decisions

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By Greg Seals on January 30, 2013

When this photo appeared on the WTF subreddit yesterday, my first question was, what would possess a white man to get dreadlocks?

Forget for a moment the bungee hooks embedded deep in his flesh, let’s talk about those gnarly Warped Tour white boy ’90s ska dreads.

Hooks 1

The caption posted alongside the photo read, “Please tell me this is fake. W.T.F.” For those of you with sensitive stomachs, sadly it’s not. And indeed, this is the most serious case of WTF Russia?! we’ve ever seen.

It’s not just one man that’s responsible for executing these extreme tests of body modifications, but an entire team appropriately titled The Sinner Group.

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