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‘Woo Girl’ Wants to See Mark Sanchez at Giants’ Super Bowl Victory Parade

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By Vivek Ramgopal on February 7, 2012

Victory parades bring out the best in a town: the hardcore face painters, the old-timers waiting for ages to see a championship, parents proudly showing their kids how sports can unite a city, and children wanting to catch a glimpse of their heroes as they ride by.

And then you have this Woo Girl, who clearly used the Giants’ Super Bowl parade as an excuse to play hookey from work or school. When asked who she wanted to see at the parade, she thinks hard and yells out, “Sancheeeez!” — as in Mark Sanchez…the quarterback…of the G-Men’s cross-town little brothers.

Swing and a miss. Oh, wrong sport. Sancheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!



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