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Watch VW’s Heart-Tugging Dad-Daughter Ad

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By Cooper Fleishman on May 14, 2012

It’s heartening to see men in car commercials behave like stand-up human beings rather than idiots who can’t tell a woman from a Fiat. Volkswagen’s new 90-second spot for the “small but tough” Polo centers on a father’s doting relationship with his daughter as she grows up, learns to pedal, goes on dates and, finally, gets the car keys.

Advertisers are finally discovering this new, remarkable world where fathers are active parents rather than perpetually befuddled, gym-shorts-wearing dinguses whose biggest concern is not buying soda that’s for women.

Good on you, VW. You’ve consistently led the way in geeky, memorable, high-road, feel-good advertising.

You may be totally manipulating my manly impulse to protect and provide for my kin, but advertising is manipulation, and I would prefer that you not insult my intelligence, thanks.

Music: the lovely, Beach House–y “Whispers & Stories” by sound designers Sniffy Dog.

(via AdWeek)


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