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Hear An Ultimate Fighter Describe How He Broke His Penis in Half

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By HVsports on December 18, 2012

Ultimate Fighter season 9 contestant Ray Elbe just can’t catch a break. It’s not enough for the poor man to have his member bent back and broken during sex with his girlfriend, but he lost so much blood from the injury that he lost consciousness. As he tried to climb back in to bed, he collapsed knocking himself out, resulting in 10 stitches and a couple fractured teeth.

If you can stomach a man describing the details of having his dick broken then click for the video. [WithLeather]

More important than those delicious seasonal Reese’s products shaped like Christmas Trees or spending time with your family during the holidays, December means the roundup of the year’s best gifs.

Don’t miss the stand out stars of 2012, like Spinning Lana Del Rey and Kate Upton Cat Daddy-ing. [Uproxx]

Airplane isle urinator and Anderson Cooper amuser Gerard Depardieu is up to his stubborn antics again. He is the latest ex-pat taking up residence in a small town just across the border in Belgium, all to avoid French’s tax hikes on the rich. His move has been called “shabby,” “pathetic,” and unpatriotic in the face of such financially challenging times by the Prime Minister Ayrault.

But he don’t care, he’s Gerard Depardieu! He Depar-do what he want! [FilmDrunk]

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