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Why I Don’t Care About This Topless Woman Fighting for Her Right to Bare Breasts

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By Julia Drake on May 24, 2012

(photo via EV Grieve)

For the past few weeks a woman named Moira Johnston has been walking around the New York City fighting for her right, and every woman in New York state’s right, to bare bear boobs.

Unlike her breasts, this woman’s agenda has been well-covered by the local media and national blogs. You can check out a NSFW interview of Johnston discussing her wrongful arrest after complaints were made about how she exposed herself close to a children’s playground here.

I recently witnessed this woman’s dedication to her cause in the flesh as I exited the Union Square Petco and came face-to-face with her headlights. But I’m not interested in discussing her alleged activism. Her determination to inform all the ladies out there that they have every right to take off their shirts seems as pointless as that training bra I got in the 5th grade. It’s been legal for ladies to let their tah-tah’s swing in the breeze in this fine state since 1992. I’m fully aware. I feel like this was one of the first things I learned upon moving to New York, along with how to re-light the pilot on a gas stove.

You’re fighting for a right that everyone knows they have. This right isn’t exercised often because, well, it’s kind of creepy. What is the point you’re trying to make here, topless lady? I can let my boobs hang low for everyone to see, just like a man? But I rarely see men walking around topless, and I think it has something to do with the fact that it would be weird.

I know I can do it, but kind of like skydiving, I choose not to.

There are a multitude of equality issues that women are fighting for on a daily basis — right to choose, fair wages, maternity leave, access to health care — and this is what you chose? We get it, women walking around without tops is totally legal. Now do us a favor and put your shirt back on.

Warning: NSFW interview by Joey Boots



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