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Swedish Sign Language Interpreter Performs Heavy Metal, Achieves YouTube Fame

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By HVvids on March 21, 2012

Tommy Franssen’s impassioned rendition of Swedish heavy metal band Dead by April’s “Mystery” has propelled the unknown 46-year-old actor/interpreter to YouTube stardom. It’s easy to see why. His performance is pretty incredible, and even more impressive considering he never meant to go nuts on the Internet for the sake of going viral. He was hired to provide a simple translation for deaf viewers of a Swedish music contest, took the assignment and knocked it out of the park, completely making the song his own, and (for a couple minutes) making heavy metal kind of cool.

Sign language has made a big splash in the news this week. Our own story of Obama’s all-ASL interaction with a deaf fan has gone viral, even earning a nod from Mr. @BarackObama himself.

(via The Local)



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