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Spoons-Playing, Kangaroo-Loving Grandma Plays the Black Keys’ ‘Lonely Boy’



By HVvids
April 25, 2012 at 4:32 pm

Australia’s Got Talent finalist Deb “Spoons” Perry covers the Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy” like we’ve never seen it: with Perry’s signature style of jump-jivin’ whole-body spoon-clapping. And kangaroos.

What is there not to love about this video?

We wanted to know everything there is to know about Perry, a performer and teacher based in Bridgetown, Australia. Her incredible bio goes something like this:

1953 — Told I was good at keeping time with the tambourine when at Kindergarten.

1966–1970 — Played drums in the band called Diodes, plus played my drums with pianists and in musicals while teaching in the country.

1972 — Taught to play the spoons by an elderly man, Danny, in the Stoned Crow Wine bar in North Fremantle when listening to a jug band, Red Rocket And the Thunderbolt Scramblers.

1990 — Western Australian Symphony Orchestra’s Family Christmas Concert as a Soloist and played to a 10 min piece called “Fascinating Rhythms.”

2008 — Australia’s Got Talent (finalist).

Ms. Perry, all we can say is this: Don’t make us wait too long for the next one.

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