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Some Evil Genius Trained a Dog to Collect Cash From Strangers

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By HVvids on July 10, 2012

Someone trained his dog to carry a bucket around a restaurant, look adorable and “fetch” wads of cash thrown on the ground. Everyone knows it’s horrible, but they all cough up dollar bills just for the hell of it — and at the end of the day, the owner will literally walk away with buckets of money, all without lifting a finger. I can’t help but imagine the villain from Pixar’s Up with leagues of trained dogs all around the city. And who’s to say it’s just one person? Is there an organized league of criminal dogs with cigars and 1920s-gangster accents secretly pulling the strings here, spending all their cash on a staggering mountain of doggie treats? Is there not? These are important questions, people. Put Ray Kelly on it.

Another important point: These dudes filming must be high as hell — why else would they shoot vertical video?

Ugh. Shut up and take my money, dog.


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