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Watch a Girl’s Reaction When She Learns She’ll Be the First in Her Family to Go to College

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By HVnews on June 4, 2012

Senait, the daughter of divorced working-class immigrants from war-ravaged Eritrea, Africa, says her heart is “blissful” when she studies. She had her heart set on Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, but worried she lacked the means to attend the four-year program. Here’s her amazing reaction when she gets her acceptance letter — and learns she was awarded a full scholarship. She’ll be the first in her family to earn a degree.

Watch the full video below.

Via the Young Women’s Leadership Network. YWLN’s two programs have helped more than 4,000 students gain acceptance to college with over $57 million in financial aid for students. To learn more, visit ywln.org.


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