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Say You Like This Interactive Music Video Game

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By Melissa Lee on January 30, 2012

If you follow my blog (and I’m sure you do), you know that I’m a fan of interactive music videos

My latest find is “Say You Like Me” by We the Kings. The song is likeable enough, but it wouldn’t stand out if not for the gamer-style music video that allows the viewer to compete in six levels of challenges to save “the girl.” In fact, the song makes nice non-distracting background music as you try to lob a golden egg at the cartoon bad guy, for instance.

The video is cleverly set up to hook you in and familiarize you with the whole band. Once you succeed playing as one band member, you can continue playing as each of the other three band members and add to your score. The video also has three levels of difficulty with increasing point values and a leaderboard, and you can share your score on Facebook or Twitter. Once you have played the game several dozen times, as I have, the song starts to sound pretty catchy.

“Say You Like Me” is the second interactive project from S-Curve Records and interactive video company Interlude, which released Andy Grammer’s Choose Your Own Adventure-style video for “Keep Your Head Up” in 2010. Get your game by clicking the pic below: 

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