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If ‘Gosling & Booker’ Doesn’t Revive the Comic Book Industry, Nothing Will

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By Cooper Fleishman on May 3, 2012

They break up fights. They rescue folks from burning buildings. They save geese. They pull women away from incoming taxis. Who are they? Real ’Merican superheroes Ryan Gosling and Cory Booker.

At their day jobs, they’re a mild-mannered pair. One grew a beard and longed for Rachel McAdams for seven years, and the world loved him. The other once stopped murders for five whole days in the city of Newark, New Jersey. He then shoveled a man’s driveway. The world loved him, too.

So, readers, let me ask you this:

Do these men deserve a comic book?

Does a pâté of rich duck liver deserve a chaser of Sauternes, the finest of French wines?

Does Parks and Recreation deserve Rob Lowe?

Yes, yes and yes — you bet your ass they do. (And not just because Sauternes goes with literally anything.) Maybe I’ve asked the wrong question. Does the comic book deserve heroes like Ryan Gosling and Cory Booker? No — it desperately needs them. Ryan Gosling and Cory Booker, and only Ryan Gosling and Cory Booker, can restore the comic book industry to the greatness it saw in its World War II beatin’-up-Hitler heyday.

Hey, girl.

The series below is written by Mike Drucker and Sean Crespo. Art by Corey Pandolph. Read the ongoing comic here, at goslingandbooker.tumblr.com.

(via Uproxx)


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