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Russian Women’s Verbal Cat Fight Over Dog Poop Ends in Flung Feces

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By HVvids on July 10, 2012

Since the description and commentary are both in Russian, here’s a quick setup: The irresponsible dog owner in the Mercedes let her pup poop on the sidewalk, then tried to make off without cleaning it up. Along comes a nice blonde woman to inform her this is bad. A disagreement ensues.

Then poop is thrown. Repeat: POOP IS THROWN!

As is often the case when Russian videos go viral, Google Translate, which sucks at Russian-to-English translation, offers the best laughs in town.

The video’s title: “Whore in shit # uberizadrugom”

The video’s description: “Dear owners of dogs, please do not behave like this are shal .. s! Remove your dog completely hard.”

Some choice comments:

• “You’re human, that of Kramers?”

• “In your head trash, and not in Russia. And in Europe you did not like was there all licked just a tourist and resort areas.”

• “and why is such a thing, they do just such virgins ….. sorry for the dog that she is a housewife ….”

• “AMERICANS in the TOP! The guys on POOOMOOSCH, Laika here, driving the chocks from our land!”

• “Ahahah killed))), does not rzhu moguxD”

• “Meals are brought”

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[VVV / The Daily What]

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