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Russian Road Rage May Involve Hatchets, So You Know

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By HVvids on July 2, 2012

Things we learn from this anticlimactic yet totally awesome video …

1. The obvious: Don’t bring a bat to a hatchet fight.

2. Why does it seem like everyone in Eastern Europe has a dash cam?

3. Stand Your Ground laws are too … easy. It’s stunning to think there are places where the one acting in self-defense has a freakin’ hatchet.

4. Real hero of this video: Nonchalant Guy with Sandals.

5. Unrelated to this clip per se, its instant popularity shows Reddit to be the one true force of The Internet. How does one find a brand new unlisted video titled “ab0077” with no description available? How does it get bumped up to the front page so quickly? There, they come from everywhere to one place to revel in every form of the human condition. You fascinating, Reddit.


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