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Why We Love Russia: A Compilation of Serious WTFness

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By Greg Seals on August 16, 2012

Of all the 196 independent countries on this planet, Russia is without a doubt the one that most commonly makes people exclaim “WTF?!” (Hey, Japan, that used to be you — where you been and whatcha doin’?)

Thanks to YouTube, dashboard cams and more viral videos than yankee bluejeans, the Iron Curtain has been drawn back to exposed the fact that Russia is conclusively one of the most bizarre places in the world. They have horses racing dogs down the streets, men settling traffic disputes with hatchets, and dudes playing in traffic on a shopping cart. And you thought Russia was just a bunch of bears on unicycles!?

This glorious eight-minute video courtesy of Fail King TwisterNederlandTNL is a comprehensive compilation of all the best, recent and most mind-boggling “Meanwhile, in Russia…” footage. This is surely one of the more interesting campaigns by the Russian Tourism board we’ve seen yet.

Some highlights:

:58 German Shepard rides calmly on the roof of a car (Mitt, is that you?!)

1:41 A man at the beach eats what appears to be a jellyfish

2:17 A plane lands on the middle of a busy street and traffic doesn’t stop

3:56 A man wake boards behind a car down a flooded street

4:50 Two men effortlessly carrying a small sedan through a parking lot.

7:35 A man and woman cling to the back bumper of a street trolly as it speeds down the tracks

Watch the whole thing. It’s glorious.

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