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Too Steep Too Soon: Terrified Kid Won’t High-Five Dad After Ski Spill

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“Good job, dude. Dude, you survived.”

This is the skiing equivalent of sink or swim — watch a small child with no experience take on a decent-sized slope at the behest of this jackass dad who only seems to know one confusing command: “PIZZA! PIZZA!”

C’mon, dad, that’s totally not the way to get your grown kids to surprise you with cool stuff like BCS tickets later in life.

The real problem here is not that this bro-lovin’ dad here sends his own kid down the mountain to fend for himself or herself (it isn’t exactly clear if that’s a boy or a girl), it’s that his little PIZZA PIZZA Experiment could very well trip up and take out more experienced skiers on the mountain.

What say you: “Worst Dad Ever” or “Hey, That’s How Kids Learn?”

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