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This Heartwarming Military Homecoming Will Make You Weep

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By HVsports on September 28, 2012

Brothers don’t shake hands … brothers gotta huggggg.

This tearjerker appeared on The YouTube back in March, and the Leonard Brothers’ heartwarming story hit The Oregonian back in June, but if you haven’t seen it, it’s still new to you …

Meyers Leonard is a 7-foot-1 Portland Trail Blazers rookie. Bailey Leonard is a corporal in the Marines. The pair lost their father when Bailey was 8 and Meyers was 6. Bailey eventually left to serve two tours in Afghanistan, while Meyers stayed behind to play basketball for the University of Illinois.

Their story is one of hardship:

They lost their father. They lost their home to foreclosure. Their mother struggled with a back injury that was so debilitating she couldn’t sit through a basketball game. “I attended every one of Meyers’ games when I was a junior and senior,” Bailey said. “I knew that’s what he wanted. He needed someone there and our mom couldn’t do it. Her medicine kept her down a lot. After our dad passed away, people looked at us as different.”

The Leonard family found a place to live, but they had no furniture, limited running water and no electricity. They had a small battery-powered television that got three channels, they had blankets, and they had each other.

Said Bailey: “The three of us just slept on the living-room floor together.”

Back in February, Bailey came home and surprised Meyers on the hardwood. The result is one of the more touching homecomings you’ll ever see. Whether you like the Trail Blazers or not, whether you’re a B1G 10 guy or not, it’ll be tough not to root for Meyers Leonard and his brother.

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[via The Daily What]

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