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‘Marry, F*ck, Kill’ With Gay-Hookup App King Joel Simkhai

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By HVmedia on August 6, 2012

After we wrote a comically inaccurate piece about Grindr, the GPS-based dating app taking the gay world by storm, Joel Simkhai, its founder, reached out to us — particularly HyperVentilate chief and eminent crush object Greg Seals (who, by the way, came out while working at Chick-fil-A).

They talk Grindr’s backlash, Fire Island, finding love, and how mobile technology can revolutionize the gay scene. Yes, there’s a game of Marry, Fuck, Kill. Here’s the two-part interview — with annotated highlights for your viewing pleasure!

0:42 — Hear what Olympic events Joel’s watching and what athletes he’d like to see pop up on Grindr.

2:07 — Find out what actor Joel would like to play his part in a movie about the founding of Grindr.

5:55 — “We met on Grindr” — Joel discusses his thoughts on finding love and his unexpected role as a matchmaker.

0:08 — Hear how Grindr kept a soldier connected to the gay community during his tour of duty when DADT was still in effect

2:17 — Fire Island backlash: Simkhai responds to criticism of the popular gay GPS app.

3:56 — Grindr for Equality: We learn more about the good Grindr has helped spread and the change they’re making.

6:23 — Join us as Joel plays a game of Marry, Fuck, Kill.

8:23 — Hear the new features that are about to launch and some subsets of gay culture you didn’t know exist.

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