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Justice Punch: Dude Saves Park-goers From Belligerent Drunk Guy

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By HVvids on October 11, 2012

Here’s some drunk French Canadian, out in a public square. Sacre bleu, zut alors, all that. First he’s pissed at his jacket. Then he becomes agitated at the sight of a garbaged television, which admittedly seems out of place in this scene. Finally, the intoxicated belligerent sees a crowd of people enjoying their day, and that’s when things get a little too real for one on-looker.

Brilliant ending. That Keyboard Cat, always a good closer.

Without knowing the precise mental health problems facing the downed aggressor, it’s tough to say he didn’t deserve that sucker punch Justice Punch. And good for this “anonymous hero” for sprinting to the scene to help three random people out of what could have been a serious situation.

What happened next? The original YouTube description, in part:

The subtle touch of knuckles and concrete calmed the Easter brawler. The knocked out fellow slowly got up, sat nearby, took a white towel out of his bag and cleaned his heavily bleeding face with it. When he saw the amount of blood on the towel, he snapped in angry mode again, threw the stained towel in the air and continued his angry walk in the other direction.

The police arrived about 10 minutes later…

Why the keyboard cat? Because anything is funnier if it ends with a keyboard cat…

The video has been taken down by YouTube: “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy on shocking and disgusting content.” There’s plenty wrong with that video, from a societal standpoint, but given the YouTube cesspool, is it really that shocking and disgusting?

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