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Buried-Treasure Prank Teaches Venice Beach a Lesson About Greed

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By HVvids on May 30, 2012

YouTubers Bangakang drove down to Venice Beach with an old chest full of gelt at night and buried it, then returned the following day to pretend to find it. The crowd of beachgoers all believed they’d struck gold, and when they violently rushed in to grab the “treasure,” they found themselves with their hands full of … CHOCOLATE!

And as the chocolate, like their dreams of riches, melted in their hands, they were all taught a lesson about selfishness and greed.

One such sucker was, apparently, “Internet entrepreneur and star of Millionaire Matchmaker, Dave ‘Sex Toy Dave’ Levine.” Huh?

[H/T Neetzan at Gawker / Reddit]


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