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World’s Smartest Mouse Takes On Jaw-Dropping Obstacle Course

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By HVvids on May 7, 2012

Brain Storm, called the Smartest Mouse in the World, takes on an obstacle course more complex and Labyrinth-ine than David Bowie’s codpiece. The trainer uses a clicker system to lead Brain Storm through the hoops, over fences, over drinking-straw balance beams and everything short of juggling chainsaws — it’s the longest and most challenging agility course ever built.

Brain Storm’s performance is seriously impressive. Watch this:

Forget CG: This mouse ought to star in the sequel to the 1997 Nathan Lane mousterpiece Mousehunt. With a few understudies, of course. Such as this mouse learning to skateboard:

And, even better, this whiskered Blake Griffin dunking a basketball:

(via DPF)


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