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Bob Ross Would Be Proud, Son

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By HVvids on February 23, 2012

You think you have talent. You think you can do cool things. Then a video comes along to make you stop doing anything, because you’ll never, ever be as good as that person. This is one of those videos.

Thijme Termaat’s “I Paint” is making its way around the web to wide-eyed, dropped-jaw reviews. And while his paintings aren’t exactly the greatest works in the history of realism, the video itself might just be one of the more creative pieces of art we’ll see in 2012. Dutch Boy done good.

Check this out — he’s part Bob Ross, part Gandalf.

But can Mr. Termaat paint Japanese fart scrolls? That’s the burning, gaseous question.

One complaint: What is this, 1984? Shouldn’t he have gone with dubstep over that Vivaldi guy?

(via Reddit via Have You Seen This?)

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